ONYX Design Process.

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Race, it's a touchy topic. The artificial separation it presents unnaturally breaks a fundamental quality of our humanity; empathy.

It privileges some and disadvantages others but the broken empathy it causes us to experience forces us all to feel intense guilt, pain, or anger just from hearing the word. Ultimately, it hurts us all in different ways and at different intensities but the solution isn't to run from it. Race is a powerful idea but its just that, an idea. Like any other idea it can be unlearned. The first step is to talk about it



The Citizen.

Citizens of ONYX are members of the ONYX community  brought together by a commitment toward the global black community and ending anti-black racism. Together we learn through discussion and debate to create ideas, draft blueprints and implement plans to elevate social consciousness bringing us closer to a human centred paradigm.

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lets build ONyx together.

To learn more about current and future ONYX projects and ways your can support to help build ONYX visit the link below.

Don't feel like money is the only way to support this project. I'm completely aware of the financial barriers that often exist within black communities. Support in the ways that are available to you, share the link, stay updated, and talk about it!

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