Branding Bootcamp

175.00 200.00

This week long bootcamp made for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners will show you how to create a brand identity from scratch. Learn how to use branding to build strong relationships with your audience or customers.



  1. Introduction to branding: What is a brand?
  2. Observing: Identify your audience, their needs, and your big idea.
  3. Visualizing: Learn how to create impactful visuals and interactions to communicate your message.
  4. Going Beyond: Sharing insight and how to move forward.

Estimated Time: 6 hours over 4 days



  • A flexible skill set to help you present yourself and your ideas to the world
  • A course booklet that captures important insights from the course
  • A brand you can start using right away
  • A logo and assets (business cards etc.)


  • Craft your brand and pitch
  • Practice identifying your big idea, prototyping your story, and playing with tone
  • Get feedback from experienced designers and a community of like-minded learners
175.00 200.00


kimani Peter

Kimani Peter is a social entrepreneur and designer. He studied Design with a minor in business at Carleton University in Ottawa for 4 years and started his first business at 20. To Kimani entrepreneurship is empowering in the way it allows people to create opportunities for themselves. It's for that reason he seeks to inspire and support entrepreneurial thinking in others especially those from marginalized backgrounds.

Andre Baynes

Andre Baynes is an artist and designer creating products and experiences which questions aspects of everyday society. With storytelling as his main tool. Andre has helped a diverse group of clients connect and build relationships with their audiences. As the designer and founder of Clever Society he works to create sustainable and enjoyable lifestyles for creative people.


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