Supporting entrepreneurship, =/= supporting bad ideas

I hate the idea of "support" when it comes to entrepreneurship or business. The worst thing you can do to an entrepreneur is encourage them to pursue an idea that you personally think is wack. 

You could be leading them on a path to wasting a large chunk of their life, not to mention money and resources doing something that's not helpful to anyone. 

You don't have to be critical, just be honest. You're honest feedback could lead them to that right idea thats worth everything.

Me speaking at UofT Black Voices conference in Feb!

I talked about how his experience of anti-black racism in the school system made me wanna be LOUD.

S/o to Jessica Eruchalu &  Black Students' Association at UofT for organizing this amazing event! 

S/o to Nathalie G. Atanda &  Redwood Studio for capturing this beautiful moment. #BuyBlack

Video linked below! 👇🏾

You put me back together.

You put me back together.

I'm so thankful to my family and friends. Thanks for coming to celebrate with me. Thanks for putting your good energies into my life. Thanks for blessing me as I turn 25 and charging me up with more than enough positivity for the journeys ahead.

My First Memory

I can remember my first day of Kindergarten. I’m seeing the walk over in my head right now. I had no idea what was going on or where we were going but eventually we arrived at a building. I remember two giants at the opening of the door, welcoming me in with a warm embrace that made me feel safe but a little confused. 

I was used to giant people interacting mostly with each other, only acknowledging me briefly. Being the centre of attention wasn’t something that happened on these trips out into the world, so this felt off. But the shower of protection I felt from my own giant, the tall powerful guardian always watching over me, made me brave and eager to explore. 

The first hurdle I had to overcome was the colossal front step. I shot my foot up as high as possible to clear it but my efforts were unnecessary as I began to levitate: my mom was pulling me up by my arm.

When I got in I was in awe. I felt like I was inside an indoor playground. I was overwhelmed by the amount of things to play with. Eventually the indoor sand box consumed me, So much so that it was difficult for my mom to get my attention when she was ready to leave. When she finally did she gave me a hug, said bye, and began to move to the door. I went over to leave with her, and then she explained to me that I was staying here, which terrified me so much I began to cry. My mom and one of the ladies tried to calm me down. I worked myself up so much that I fell asleep shortly after. When I woke up my mom had left and I imagined that she was somewhere far away beyond the giant step.

Years later, in my late teens, I went back to that building, St Gerard Majella Catholic School. I wanted to see the colossal step another time. When I got there I was surprised beyond belief. The colossal step I had remember so vividly was actually tiny, even shorter than the steps of regular stairs.


BUILD is an ONYX project that is about supporting black entrepreneurship, but most importantly facilitating the growth of businesses that I want to one day be apart of ONYX. In full maturity ONYX will be a conglomerate of business that are guided by it's framework of being social equitable, environmental sustainable, and unapologetically BLACK. I'm looking back on where I started with BUILD and where it is now and where its heading.

BLANK Table Talk /About me

BLANK Table Talk /About me

This is my introduction for myself for a talk I'm facilitating today called BLANK Table Talk which is apart of the BLACK Entrepreneurship Initiative I co-founded at OCADu, the school I'm currently attending. The talk is intended to introduce the initiative to the students and the black/creatives/business/professional community to get their feedback on what they want to see from it. Check out the event at  

Giving your grand parents a history lesson?

I was looking up the history of the internet and got taken to a page where a person is explain the history of the web to their grand parent.


I thought that reversal of history telling is so indicative of the time we live in. Information used to be passed down but now it's passed up. It's because of how connected we are and how that connectivity accelerates  the development of knowledge. New information is being generated so rapidly that the new paradigm has become who can learn the fastest as opposed to who has more information from accumulating it slowly over time. When it comes to learning younger brains have the upper hand in. So today knowledge is passed up. 


I wonder what that means for the future because that changes everything. Knowledge and information are touchy topics where a lot of ego is involved, and arrogants can be developed. And experience is still the best teacher, so there has to be room for negotiation when it comes to deciding who we deem as being the most knowledgeable in a situation where that matters.


Also thought it was interesting when I searched up some of the pioneers of the internet that a lot of them are relatively young like mid 40’s. It shows how recent this is and how much has happened in such a short period of time.


The elephant in my social media

I notice that people have been treating me like I'm fragile and I think it has something to do with the fact that I'm very forth coming about being sensitive 🙄 but that doesn't mean I want people to censor themselves around me or that I'm gonna bite your head of for saying something I dont agree with 😑 I've never been that person.. The reason why I'm very loud about being senstive is because I want people to know that its not something I'm ashamed and that its complelely valid to be black and male and sensitive.



I'm about to bring my 2nd ONYX project into the world, but really the first project thats actually very personal to me. It's called LOUD and it's important for me to bring it into the world with its purpose clearly defined by the experiences that created it. It means a lot to me that your reading this post. Keep me in your thoughts and I'm glad to be receiving your positive energy while I put it into the world for the first time tonight :)