Communicating LOUD

This video where Joe Budden describes all the problems that LOUD solves got me thinking, whats that perfect 3-7 word sentence that describes us so precisely that if Joe Budden read them he’d instantly know we’re what he’s talking about.

‘Digital record label’ describes a lot about what we do but not everything and could also scare artists. Using the word ‘label’ could associate us with exactly the thing we’re looking to disrupt.

The other description we’ve been using is ‘Music Technology Company’ but that’s really ambiguous. Artists still have to do some investigating to get that what we’re offering is freedom from labels.

There’s some other descriptions that I’ve been considering:

- Artists Union
- Artists Co-operative
- Un-label

But they have issues. The first too are misleading because Unions and Co-ops are specific types of organizations that LOUD technically isn’t. And the last one sounds awkward and is pretty ambiguous.

Then I got something;

LOUD music technology company:
You don’t need labels when you’re LOUD.

Me speaking at UofT Black Voices conference in Feb!

I talked about how his experience of anti-black racism in the school system made me wanna be LOUD.

S/o to Jessica Eruchalu &  Black Students' Association at UofT for organizing this amazing event! 

S/o to Nathalie G. Atanda &  Redwood Studio for capturing this beautiful moment. #BuyBlack

Video linked below! 👇🏾

LOUD Fall Mix

Mash up by yours truly!

I’m not a DJ by trade but for LOUD I’ll make anything happen 😜.

This is the first of many LOUD mixes that will come out every couple of months. The mixes will be curated by various LOUD affiliated DJ’s. 

The mixes are open to all music. LOUD has a preference toward music from (in order of priority) Black, Women-identifying, POC, Queer artists but ultimately the songs featured are up to the DJ. 

Think of @ONYXisLOUD as a radio station #ONYXLOUDRadio, where you discover dope emerging artists in LOUD Mixes. Eventually we’ll also be featuring content from LOUD artist picked from LOUD’s Artist Suite (coming in 2018).

You put me back together.

You put me back together.

I'm so thankful to my family and friends. Thanks for coming to celebrate with me. Thanks for putting your good energies into my life. Thanks for blessing me as I turn 25 and charging me up with more than enough positivity for the journeys ahead.



School assignment for time based media course. "Select an artwork presented in class, or approved by the teacher, or select your own artwork. Referencing our foundational readings (Benjamin and McLuhan), discuss how that artwork's medium or mode of production affects our experience of the piece." I had fun with it decided to look at Kendrick's newly released music video for ELEMENT. This paper made me uncover some interesting themes in the song, I think I'm on to something 🤔


Was meeting with someone today to introduce them to LOUD! They were super excited with it and in talking asked me send him some music that I was into. So I made this list of songs. These are songs that over the past couple years have gotten me excited. The artists, the culture, and the music keep me motivated, keep working on making LOUD a reality 😁. 

Good news is on the way 🙏🏿🤞🏿😝 in the meantime check out these songs, aka the life blood of LOUD. 

Thinking out LOUD 😜

Apple music, Spotify, etc make this assumption that paying for a service is related to someone's willingness to have the service. Its something they've learned from the flawed but prevailing economic theories in North America that are used in our brand of capitalism. The truth is how much money someone exchanges to another person for a good or service has nothing to do with their willingness to pay, and more to do with their ability to. 

Happy Birthday LOUD! learning from Ottawa to build in Toronto

Following my strategical failure in Ottawa where I put far too much faith in incubator programs even after I accounted for anti-blackness I'm switching my approach for LOUD in Toronto. I'm no longer asking for funding. I'm hitting the ground and going straight to the people LOUD was made for. This is an update for folks interested in the project so please hit me up and share your feedback!



I'm about to bring my 2nd ONYX project into the world, but really the first project thats actually very personal to me. It's called LOUD and it's important for me to bring it into the world with its purpose clearly defined by the experiences that created it. It means a lot to me that your reading this post. Keep me in your thoughts and I'm glad to be receiving your positive energy while I put it into the world for the first time tonight :)