Words for our parents 🙃

I got tired of the generational divide & the apathy of the Black middle class so I wrote this is the family group chat 😅:

Young black Entrepreneur from Toronto creates a Black real estate development firm focused on creating generational wealth. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Black youth are working overtime to create a foundation for black communities. Far too often with out the support from the older generation. We can’t do all the work ourselves. Support us and our movements. 

If not for us do it for yourselves. As the older generations begins to leave the workforce it will be the foundations we’re building right now that will serve you later. 

The older generation is often apathetic to the issues Black youth face, and even regurgitate the anti-black rhetoric that was once used on them. I’ve heard many of my elders at one point or another say black youth are lazy, violent, and not respectable.

I’ve marched with tens of thousands of black youth that are fighting for change in Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal and none match those descriptions. 

We’re marching like the generations before you did. Don’t let this short period of prosperity since the civil rights era fool you into complacency. Statistically things are now worse than they were while Martin Luther King was marching. The fight against racism and white supremacy is still alive.

Get out there. Find out what Black youth are doing to build your community. Support them, and put pressure on policymakers to take action. 

This is especially true in Brampton where bad city planning informed by racist policy is destroying the economy and will transform it into a slum. Take action if not for your children for your investment. 

Collectively our family has invested millions of dollars in real estate in Brampton. That will all be wasted if the current trends and policies continue. 

Elders I heed you to think long term. Start getting serious about your future and the legacy you want to leave for future generations. It can’t just be youth organizing and taking action on your behalf. Black Lives Matter can’t solve all the worlds problems. 

There are organizations in Toronto and the GTA that are doing good work. Even a lot of really wealthy folks in our community are engaged because they understand that it’s in their economic interest to get serious.

If anyone wants to take the first step of learning what action is happening in the GTA, I strongly recommend starting by going to Black Lives Matter (BLM) events. A lot of elders who are serious have been attending BLM events. I also know of other organizations I can connect y’all to.


BUILD is an ONYX project that is about supporting black entrepreneurship, but most importantly facilitating the growth of businesses that I want to one day be apart of ONYX. In full maturity ONYX will be a conglomerate of business that are guided by it's framework of being social equitable, environmental sustainable, and unapologetically BLACK. I'm looking back on where I started with BUILD and where it is now and where its heading.

BLANK Table Talk /About me

BLANK Table Talk /About me

This is my introduction for myself for a talk I'm facilitating today called BLANK Table Talk which is apart of the BLACK Entrepreneurship Initiative I co-founded at OCADu, the school I'm currently attending. The talk is intended to introduce the initiative to the students and the black/creatives/business/professional community to get their feedback on what they want to see from it. Check out the event at https://www.facebook.com/events/251868861923713/  

Black Entrepreneurship: being unapologetically Black is important.

Talking about an article on techcrunch about a Black founder calling racism in the VC world out and how it relates to the current issues with racism I'm running into at the early development stage of my start up. 

Looking at the response people had to that founders courage and the response I had in challenging the director of an entrepreneurship hub at my school on their racism; I hope to make the case that engaging in conversation about racism and resisting against racism in entrepreneurship spaces can have positive results. I also want to make that case that our ability to overcome adversity from day one as Black people is a crucial foundation of our success story so why not be unapologetic about it. 

'It’s impossible to separated being black from being an entrepreneur. It creates challenges that probably no one will write about until this century is over but as the saying goes pressure makes diamonds. Naming racism and making blackness apart of your entrepreneurship is like adding a gold seal to your legacy. Blackness is a badge that says you’re on another level 👊🏿 and when you get your break you’ll be a force ready to FUCK SHIT UP. So to the Black entrepreneur: in every entrepreneurially focused space you occupy you’ve been through 100x more shit that the guy next to you just to be there and that’s apart of the story everyone deserves to hear.'

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