Giving your grand parents a history lesson?

I was looking up the history of the internet and got taken to a page where a person is explain the history of the web to their grand parent.


I thought that reversal of history telling is so indicative of the time we live in. Information used to be passed down but now it's passed up. It's because of how connected we are and how that connectivity accelerates  the development of knowledge. New information is being generated so rapidly that the new paradigm has become who can learn the fastest as opposed to who has more information from accumulating it slowly over time. When it comes to learning younger brains have the upper hand in. So today knowledge is passed up. 


I wonder what that means for the future because that changes everything. Knowledge and information are touchy topics where a lot of ego is involved, and arrogants can be developed. And experience is still the best teacher, so there has to be room for negotiation when it comes to deciding who we deem as being the most knowledgeable in a situation where that matters.


Also thought it was interesting when I searched up some of the pioneers of the internet that a lot of them are relatively young like mid 40’s. It shows how recent this is and how much has happened in such a short period of time.