BLACK intersectional feminist thought has to be the first step in Social Design

Sooo I’m writing an essay that asserts that black intersectional feminist thought should be used in design especially when individuals and organizations are attempting to use design to tackle social issues. 

I’ve basically been writing this essay my whole life lol, but now that I’m pressed for time I’m just drawing from knowledge I’ve acquired over the years and research that I did last year. Not gonna say I'm lacking sources lol but I definitely wanna check out more.

Was hoping you guys could check it out tell me what you think and give me ideas for examples I could use and sources I can check out.

Here's a taste of the intro: 

Intersectionality is a framework that allows individuals and organizations to analyze complex issues by locating their position within them. After applying intersectionality its easier for members of this society to understand their privilege, when its illegitimate, the limits to their knowledge, and their role in the problem. All of which are vital to developing a course of action, which leads to progress on the issue. This is why its important for designers limited to a western world view to apply intersectionality when attempting to use design to solves social issues.