What the controversy of XXXtentacion reveals about white hip hop fans

TW violence

On XXXtentacion and “hip hop/rap fans”, I don’t understand how his music is particularly more disturbing than other acts that have been in the genre?


The only thing that’s unique about XXX is that he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to who his art directs violence toward. I.e. the imagery of the white child being lynched.


The outrage makes me really wonder what fans are coming to the genre for? Especially non-black, and particularly white hip hop fans?


If they’re disturbed by XXX’s that means they have been taking the genre literally this whole time. Are they thrilled by imagery of violence being inflicted on black people. Are white men living vicarious through rappers whose lyrics involve violence on black people, black women?


Disclaimer: This is post is not about chastising the art form of hip hop/rap. It’s a questions about the listeners and what they get from the art. For me I gravitate toward hip hop/rap music because it was cathartic in how it spoke about an experience that I was having with being low income, feeling geographically trapped, experiencing racism, and violence. I’m disturbed by what pulls listeners who did not have that experience to hip hop, and what that says about them.



School assignment for time based media course. "Select an artwork presented in class, or approved by the teacher, or select your own artwork. Referencing our foundational readings (Benjamin and McLuhan), discuss how that artwork's medium or mode of production affects our experience of the piece." I had fun with it decided to look at Kendrick's newly released music video for ELEMENT. This paper made me uncover some interesting themes in the song, I think I'm on to something 🤔