Originally the project started off with asking myself: what is the minimal thing I can do to work on this? As a design student, eager to start working in the field, it made the most sense for me to incorporate my goals for BUILD into my freelancing. I was had already developed a my approach for working with clients on BRAND IDENTITY projects, so all I had to do was focus on attracting black social entrepreneurs to work with. I'm still doing this concurrently with my other projects. 

BUILD BRAND IDENTITY An initiative to deliver brand identities for black small businesses. The goal is to strengthen their ability to appeal to their customer base increasing their customer volumes and insuring their success.



I designed Branding Bootcamp in partnership with Andre Baynes, a fellow black designer and entrepreneur. We wanted to create more affordable brand identity projects with out sacrificing quality. The brand bootcamp was designed to be a low cost entry point for developing brands for black entrepreneurs just starting to work on their big idea. The bootcamp allowed is to cut cost by delivering a class on branding to a small cohort. We as the designers would co-create the brands with the entrepreneurs and this would allow them to absorb some of the costs by offloading some of the work to them. We also offer these courses concurrently with my other projects.

BRANDING BOOTCAMP A week long branding bootcamp made for entrepreneurs, professionals, and small business owners will show you how to create a brand identity from scratch. You'll learn how to use branding to build strong relationships with your audience or customers.


BLACK Entrepreneurship Initiative 

I co-founded the BLACK Entrepreneurship Initiative with Andre Baynes. It's currently house at OCADu thanks to the funding and support of OCADu's student union. It was created to address the reality that racism and anti-blackness in the workplace cause people of colour, primarily black and indigenous people, to experience higher rates of stress and mental illness in the workplace and in the process of seeking employment. It supports black students along their journey toward entrepreneurship by connecting them to resources and people. We want the BEI to exist as a network that comes together in discussion periodically. Connect with us if your interested in facilitating this initiative in your organization or see opportunities for collaboration.

BLACK Entrepreneurship Initiative aims to facilitate dialogue among black students about entrepreneurship. We want students to discover how they can leverage their skills to create opportunities rather than depending solely on traditional employment for entering their career.


: tell them we're rising

This is a project I'm working on for 2018. CREATE Month will be held in January and it will be focused on a photo exhibit and shortfilm featuring the founders of projects that are building Toronto's future. Projects premised on replacing anti-black and anti-indigenous institutional structures will be given priority. With CREATE month I seeks to normalize centring blackness, removing the tokenism of typical diversity strategies. It will preclude black history month to show that all of blackness does not have to be relegated to a single month. CREATE Month is also meant to help founders find talent by using the exhibit and shortfilm as a call to action that connects them with people who are interested in working on their project. 

Contact me if you're interested in CREATE month:, 905 872 6747 or on social media