World Building Assignment

In 2016 Toronto's underground condo market is booming. To the world Toronto appears to be a booming utopian environmentally friendly post-cold war city but on the inside issues of racial discrimination permeate especially within communities left behind by the boom. They"re known as the people left at the top. These communities are primarily non-white with black and indigenous people facing most of the grunt of disenfranchisement.


Airports are a rarity, most international travel is done underground via bullet train networks (similar to the hyper loop). In the 50's Cold War paranoia pushed North America away from commercial Air travel which was just burgeoning. It was the consequence of notable disasters in history where airlines in North America were successfully targeted and shot down by USSR long range ballistic missiles. Civilian casualties were not the intention of the USSR they had mistaken their targets to be military aircraft carrying nuclear warheads like the method the US used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.


After several similar incidents public fear pushed the west away from air travel and towards underground travel which was perceived as safer. This created economic pressures which rapidly pushed the technology and infrastructure development of underground travel. Today hub points (places where underground networks converge usually in proximity to large underground cities) are more commons and thus more affordable than airports and air travel.


The push underground also means that radio technology lost out to underground communication networks. The result is communities at the top lack access to global communication and travel. Through political, social and economic manipulation the underground class socially designed a society where people at the top are convinced to use their labour to produce all the food for the society ahead of their own communities needs. Life at the top is harsh (bad infrastructure that doesn't protect against extreme weather), and fearful (They still think the Cold War is happening).


Drivers of this reality:

  •  Cold War fears
  • Potential nuclear conflict
  • Bombing of aircrafts


Affect on Culture and History:

  • Disenfranchised top communities
  • Economically opportunities of top community are limited to agriculture. This shares similarities to North American plantation society
  • Housing discrimination against top communities based in anti-black/indigenous sentiments. People closer to the top receive more sunlight and are darker so the society associates dark skin with the top community and poverty, lack of world knowledge etc.


History sources that I can use:

  • Caribbean Domestic scheme
  • Struggle to find community in Toronto doc