Happy Birthday LOUD! learning from Ottawa to build in Toronto

Hi folks!


I had to do a lot of thinking in order to learn from the past 8 months in Ottawa to recalibrate for Toronto. I didn't get the outcome I wanted from key areas of my timeline; the awareness and funding phases. I was able to build awareness but I didn't get much engagement from people who expressed interest in working with me on the idea. 


I was able to raise $1720 which I'm proud of but was way short of my $100000 target. I applied to all of the major programs in Ottawa and was connected and well know by people in those organizations. I tailors each application to the T, I was on my P & Q's and got nothing while I watched naive and inexperienced white male entrepreneurs walk in a get offered everything. All the people I worked so hard to build relationships with were just offering themselves up to help white boys get set up.


It hurt but it made it painfully clear that it's gonna be impossible to get money from these very white organizations. Especially considering the fact that I refuse to compromise my blackness. Ultimately, I still took the feedback I got and it’s still helpful in polishing LOUD but I realized that having a funding section in my timeline was a waste of time.


So in Toronto I'm not gonna waste my time asking for support from incubator programs. I don't need them. The time I spent trying to get into the ones in Ottawa allowed me to mature the idea. Now I'm gonna build and code LOUD myself. I'm gonna hit the ground and put it in the hands of the people it was made for. If I need any funding I'll go straight to those people, the people who are ready to see LOUD now. 


I'm also gonna change my team building strategy to something that's more active. Before I was being super casual and was gauging who to recruit on my team by following how engaged individual prospects were to my post on LOUD. I did so because I didn't want people to feel obligated and I really wanted to attract people that are super passionate but the issue with that is it assumes other people use social media the same way I do which isn't the case.


My strategy going forward is to bring people in the prospective team only after having 3 interviews with them and setting a monthly meet up schedule with them where I deliver updates and gain feedback. I'll give more detailed about my plans for LOUD TO soon, sometime before the fall. If you have any feedback for me after reading this please share, comment/DM/hmu! The links are below :) thanks for reading!


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