Okay.. I'm not done with Caribana yet

After all that shit I talked last year about being done with Caribana I’m some how playing mas for the first time this year 😂 Now wait a second I’m not a hypocrite..


I was over Caribana for very specific reason after the 2015 parade:

  1.  I was fed up with the corporatization and exploitation of the parade and the black community in general.
  2. Also the elitism of playing mas, gross 😷
  3. And the complete bastardization of the whole festival which hit a all-time height, literally with the use of the double wall of tall fencing blocking people from participating.


The reason why I’m going this year is because my sister loves playing mas and she invited me and it means a lot to her so I took the opportunity. Also there has been recent news that the fences will be removed for this year. I feel like the city is starting to take note that the community is not sitting well with having their festival jacked. I decided that showing up is my way of doing my part to show that folks are paying attention. 


I don’t know what the future of Caribana holds but I want to stay optimistic. I don’t wanna lose something that was the source of so much of my identity, pride, and confidence. 


Pictures & Video from ‘Bana 2014