LOUD progress report 📋

Oct 5th, 2015 marks the first time I presented LOUD to people. I sat a small group of my close friends and family in a random empty room in Carleton’s River Building and I pretty much said this is what I’ve been developing for ONYX in the past year, I’m ready to go in on it for the long haul and I want you guys to bless this 🙏🏿 A year later and I’m still balancing ONYX, full time school and going hard on LOUD and I wanted to share some of the milestones of the project. 


I’m proud to say I have 26+ artists in LOUD’s Music Group. I’ve secured $1720 in funding; LOUD has been viewed 1207 times online; has 103 followers despite not officially launching its social media; I've received 100% positive responses and every day I meet people that love the idea and want to be apart of building it. I’m constantly adding to the list of prospective core team members and looking at people’s skill sets but I know there will be a place for everyone at some point as LOUD grows. 


Whats happening right now: 

  • LOUD snapchat is Active
  • Instagram Video Launch 
  • Looking at applying for Ryerson’s Music Den program