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Apple music, Spotify, etc make this assumption that paying for a service is related to someone's willingness to have the service. Its something they've learned from the flawed but prevailing economic theories in North America that are used in our brand of capitalism. The truth is how much money someone exchanges to another person for a good or service has nothing to do with their willingness to pay, and more to do with their ability to. 


To illustrate this lets look at how people get money, some would assume they work for it but thats not true. Some are born with it, some have inherited it from systems that steal it from others. Some people get paid half of what someone else does for the same job. The more you look at our economic system and the way it articulates itself the more you can see its subjectivity. The economic theories that rule our style of capitalism are not objective or universal. They were designed in a very specific way. A way that allows the system of race based slave labour to re-articulate itself covertly helping to renegotiate and soften the social climate of our society. 


If what I'm saying seems far-fetched think about it for yourself. The old paradigm of using violence to create a social order that sees bodies especially black bodies as a resource to serve the desires of a small portion of white men. The new paradigm still uses titles like human resources and creates debt slaves who work indefinitely to meet cost that by nature of the system always outweigh their income so they always have to work. 


The gap in income levels between racialize people and white people grow no matter what condition. It doesn't even matter if you're working the same job, have the same level of skill or experience. Have a look at this unitedways report



Figure 16 on page 41 really drives this point through looking at income levels in Toronto after the 2008 recession and during the "recovery". It shows that racialized people were not only worse off to begin with, they were also effected worse, and they never recovered. What a coincidence, capitalism is working in exactly the way it was designed to.


Our form of capitalism allows the descendant of the people that stole wealth from others using violence to cash in on that legacy. They inherit money that affords them the ability to avoid poverty, and make investments that allows their money to make money, they effectively have a licence to print money. 


What global capitalism will eventually lead to is pure inequality. With 2 classes an elite ruling class and a servile class that waits on their every word. Much like the days of colonialism and not that much different from what currently exist. The issue with this is that empowering the population is what creates the scientific and technological advancements that has allowed everyone to live better than the Kings of the 18th century. In countries that work towards eroding inequality that transition happens within a lifetime sometimes. The power of the people is incredible. 


I created LOUD with a bet placed on the people. Initially I'll be charging for music streaming services but eventually the plan is to completely erode all financial barriers. Offering music 100% free as a peer 2 peer music service. The operational cost of LOUD will be extremely low, the perks of creating a digital product. I plan to finance further developments in the project by going to capital hoarding businesses and individuals and offering them the ability to ethically market their goods/services to LOUD's audience. LOUD's not planning to play by the traditional capitalist rules at all.

*DEC 15, 2016 - I'm still figuring out and fleshing out some of the thought in paragraph above. I think I wrote these ideas down too early. Some of it is true and some of it isn't because those ideas are still undefined. I think I missed out a crucial part of LOUD which is the fact that I want LOUD to effectively allow for a form of repartitions by disrupting an industry that thrives on the culture of  black communities by creating a company that absorbs that industry and makes sure that the profits of that industry go back to those communities.


Posted OCT 1st, 2016
Updated DEC 15th 2016*

DEC 15 - Some of these thoughts align with this piece: