The Continent vs The Dispora on appropriation

I'm still coming into understanding the conversation on appropriation but as I just started to get a grasp on it a new conversation has come up which is challenging that understanding. The emerging conversation is about African American's cultural appropriation of African culture.

I’m still figuring out my position. After reading some articles and talking to peeps born/raised on the continent I see the frustration but I don’t know if it’s appropriative. But context is important. I think my being an Afro-Caribbean-Canadian adds an intersection that changes the conversation for me. The issue I’ve heard the most is Afro-American privilege/ignorance towards Africa which mirrors white supremacy in how it views Africa. I think the conversation is going to be different in the context of places like Toronto where there’s more of a merger between African cultures from the diaspora and the continent. I also think Afro-Caribbean culture has stronger ties to African culture than African American culture and thus more fit for cultural exchange to occur rather than appropriation.

I'm still trying to understand the issue and developing my opinions on the topic, but its such an important conversation to have. Its helping me understand cultural appropriation more, and also helping me envision what cross cultural exchange within black communities will look like and what issues have to be addressed in order to make way for it. 

Heres an article: Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.