Good Bye Caribana, it was fun :)

This year I officially said good bye to Caribana, and Toronto all together. I spent most of my trip tryna sit back and exist in the nostalgia. Taking myself back to those magical moments of my childhood. Caribana was like a second christmas for my family.

The whole family would always meet up at the same spot underneath the windmill. You knew you were going to see everyone and maybe even a few new faces of cousins and family members overseas coming to visit. All of my aunts would make a dish and the whole fam would have a picnik and watch as the floats went by. When I was too small to go in the jump up I’d be playing tag with my cousins running around and also looking to make friends and spot other Grenadians by scoping out all the flags.

I remember how free it felt, how united & connected to my community I felt, how black I felt, and how proud I felt. Caribana made me who I am today; a PROUD BLACK GRENADIAN Canadian. It gave me my identity, my courage, and my ambition to share my amazing culture with the world. I hope I can one day bring that back for my kids and theirs. Na fuck hope, I will, we will. West indians don’t play, we created Caribana and we will resurrect it.

RIP Caribana, it was a nice run. Scotia bank can have the frankenstein project that they turned you into.

This article helps to sum up how I feel: I apologize for ruining caribana