Woke up to this this morning with this on my TL.. People talking about how the Black Lives Matter movement is burning bridges with its Allies and asking for other black people to chastises these girls for their demonstration..

One, It's not my job or any other black person's job to police other black people. We don't know what kinda of injustices they've faced in Seattle under the face of anti-black racism. The senator gave them space and handled the situation very well, and if anything this strengthened his campaign. More could have been done by the Bernie camp to satisfy both parties, but theirs room to learn from this situation. I think more of this needs to happen to brainstorm how we can share spaces with others who don't carry the burdens of anti-black racial oppression. It's imperative that Black people are LOUD, disruptive, and in charge, and that has to be met with acceptance and understanding in order to progressively move forward. If you want it to be the other way around you're advocating for society to stagnate.

Bernie Sanders cut short after 'Black Lives Matter' takeover r...

Bernie Sanders was cut short in Seattle today when Black Lives Matter activists took over the stage in Westlake. Here's a look at the events that unfolded. Full story:

Posted by KOMO News on Saturday, August 8, 2015