I'll never let WHITE tears silence me.

I use my Facebook to share my thoughts and understanding of the world. Its been an amazing experience using Facebook to bounce ideas off of people all over the world and learn from each others feedback. Its been a source of knowledge and for healing for me.

I thought a lot about that post before I put it into the world and wrote from a personal place to share with others who have the same experience so we can know we're not alone. We're so heavily censored in the outside world one of the hardest parts of the black experience is how isolated that experience makes you feel when no ones allowed to talk about it.  

I've made it my duty to be LOUD about all of the things I'm experiencing, refusing to be silent. Facebook provides the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversation in a way that allows for people to closely consider other peoples opinions and their own. I think thats something thats revolutionary and I use it. 

After a day of being up it was taken down presumably after someone reported it, Facebook says for "not meeting the community guidelines" which they say is to insure that Facebook is a "safe space" how ironic. How did you create a safe space for me or any Black folk when you decided to silence my voice? What specifically in my post goes against community guidelines? Forget the person shedding their white tears in the shadows, whose most at fault is Facebook, what a careless course of action how can you unilaterally without any consideration take away someones freedom to express themselves?

The whole issue comes back full circle. If you didn't understand before here's a case study. Having white people in your personal life that aren't ready or willing to be anti-racist are toxic for you. As a black person one of the only spaces you can turn into a safe space is your personal life but because whites are oblivious to your experience they'll oppress you and bring that unhealthy power imbalance into your personal life. If you mention it they'll cry until you're silenced. Wtf I love myself too much for that shit, get the fuck outta here.

Here's the post Facebook removed: 

White people that think they’re not racist are far worse than the openly racist ones. I finally cut off the last one from my personal life, I’m finally back to being in a safe space. I’d love to say it was easy but it sucks that it wasn’t.

Its in those moments that it sucks to have compassion for people but I’ll never let a privileged person use their ignorance to guilt me into thinking its my job to enlighten them and comfort them. Wtf why do these people think the world owes them so much? I have no time for your fragile little white tears. I’m too busy giving that time and energy to the people that need it.

For any whites in my life currently; understand that you’re all racist. The most you can ever be is anti-racist and don’t ever think that works done. 

If you disagree I could give a fuck.. but if you’re in my space make sure to be silent when the topic of race come up unless you have questions to which I’m not obligated to answer. And don’t try me cause I’ll cut you off in a second.