What's the plan?

We're going to rapidly fill the market gaps in the natural hair industry. We're aligning with the natural hair community to create a line of products and tools that will cater to each curl pattern, and will also streamline the process of going natural. We're aiming to create 1000 successful black entrepreneurs in the process!

Your role?

If you're excited about this idea lets talk! Everyone has something great to offer to this project! Leave your contact info, a little about your interests with this project and we'll get back to you! 


  1. Rapidly mature the natural hair industry by creating 1000 successful black entrepreneurs from the natural hair movement!
  2. Transform the black haircare industry which once extracted wealth out of the black community to one that circulates wealth within the community.
  3. Promote the natural hair movement by providing a larger variety of products and solutions that will cover all curl patterns while also streamlining the process of going natural!

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Our projects are committed to improving economic representation for the black community, improving the collective self esteems of people of african descent and being self-sustaining assets to the economy. Black hair is an estimated $500 billion industry which is experiencing a tectonic shift from chemical based products toward products with natural ingredients. Members of the natural hair community aim to highlight the inherent texture of black hair rather than processing kinks out for a closer to Eurocentric aesthetic. This is an opportunity to improve black economic representation and restore the black collective self esteem. Join us in our mission to push the movement to new heights!